About Global Solar Supply

As an industrial electrician for over 20 years, I have experienced great pleasure and often frustration when working with electrical control systems. As an environmentally conscious electrician and human being, I have always been interested in and fascinated by renewable energy and its powerful ability to power our planet.

While the electrical grid is not going away anytime soon, Solar however, is advancing at a record pace. Solar power has the ability to reduce the overall load on the electrical grid and has the properties to act as a standalone system for a variety of common devices that are now connected to the grid or as an alternative to costly grid infrastructure in remote or developing areas of the world. These possibilities only increase as Solar technology advances and the existing grid ages. Solar power is changing how we think about electricity and energy use in general.

My path from electrical to Solar happened one evening as I was working on invoicing for a combined electrical/solar project that I had just finished. While online, I noticed a pop up ad for a widely used Solar part and having just installed this exact part and seeing the price they were asking, it hit me that we might be able to get more online attention by focusing on sourcing and selling a wide variety of Solar panels and parts on popular ecommerce sites with competitive pricing. Within a month, our experiment took off and we realized that we were doing much more than just selling Solar panels and parts. We were part of the global clean energy change. We began selling hundreds of affordable Solar parts to those looking to convert to Solar energy and live more efficiently.

Commercial fishing and south pacific island traveling has greatly affected the way I think of Solar power, renewable energy and energy use in general. By using energy efficiently and growing the technology of capturing and storing Solar energy, we are very proud to be a major player and positive force in the solar movement.

I have worked for many electrical companies, as an apprentice, lead foreman and supervisor for a variety of different projects including simple residential electrical installations to very complex control systems including SCADA, PLC and relay based systems.

I am a certified C-10 electrical contractor, fiber optics level 2 installer, troubleshooter, and thermal imaging level 1 accredited. I have experience in the design build of SCADA and other remote interfaced control systems including 12,24,48 and up DC power systems.

My passion is helping you run Solar for your RV, boat, communication, off grid Solar projects, wind remote power systems, grid tied applications and standalone type systems.

We specialize in helping you put together entire systems for your solar projects, both small and large.

We welcome your calls and questions. Thank you for being part of our growing business.

Joe Omweg – Founder
Global Solar Supply
Ventura, CA